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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thai Fest and other stuff

I've been so bad about blogging, and I have no excuses except for laziness. The weeks seem to be getting longer and by the time Friday rolls around all I want to do is curl up in bed and ignore the world. Ian has picked up some not-so-fun habits at Kindergarten (like sticking out his tongue in response to something he doesn't like) and Jesse seems to think that 2.5 years old is the perfect time to get sassy and bossy. I found out my boss at the Y is leaving (it's a happy thing for her) and that makes me very sad. She's fun, a great friend, and all the kids really like her - it makes me nervous for our programming and I will miss her a lot on a personal level. This coming weekend is my 10 year college reunion (I went to a small liberal arts school, so imagine something close to a high school reunion for those who went to big universities) and I'm a little anxious about the weight I didn't lose and the craziness that can be my children.....but enough of that pity party :)

Last weekend, we escaped the great flood of the Chicagoland area and headed up to Madison. It turns out that UW-Madison has the largest Thai Alumni Association in the country and as a gift to the city, this group arranged for a Thai structure to be built in the free Botanical Gardens of Madison. It is the only structure of it's kind outside of Thailand (or at least in the United States).

It was a dreary day - so without the sun you can't full appreciate the beauty in this picture (the building - not us) :) It's gold and sparkly and beautiful. For those of you who have been to Thailand, you know what I mean. My friend Jenny said they usually don't let people near it because it's so fragile and would need constant supervision. But because this was a special Thai Festival there were lots of great things planned. We saw wonderful dancers, heard musicians, ate great food, and enjoyed an afternoon of meeting up with our Thai adoption friends. It's so funny because we tell Jesse - "Oh, see this, it's from Thailand" and he would look at us and say "From my Thailand?" or "That my Thailand".

Jenny's husband Mike took these great pictures for us:

Here are Ian and Jesse with the building behind them.

This one is so cute. It should be captioned "ho-hum" -
look closely to the expression on Jesse's face.


Blogger Carey and Norman said...

Love it. I'm so glad you were able to visit this garden. We will have to remember it if/when we ever get to travel to Madison. The Thai structure looks beautiful in the photos. I also like Ian's hair (when our son's hair gets longer than the surfer cut, we tend to cut it before it gets any longer as the in between stage is very hard to style) and Jesse's expression. Glad you had fun.

By the way, Norman doesn't like Chinese or Thai food. He will eat at P.F. Changs (spicy chicken and Kung Pao Scallops), but that is it.

9/21/2008 9:23 PM  
Blogger Robin and Kyle said...

Such cute photos!
We were happy to see you guys again, and Kyle is so jealous of how much Jesse can TALK!

9/21/2008 11:08 PM  
Blogger Glen and Andrea said...

And I'm so jealous that we weren't there too!!

LOVE looking at your photos.

About the school reunion - I say, try not to worry about the things you mentioned - but you know that if I was going to my reunion, I'd worry too =) !!

9/22/2008 2:56 AM  
Blogger Jay and Chandra Regan said...

Such adorable pictures. And I love how Jesse said, "My Thailand." Kids can be so sweet!

9/25/2008 8:24 PM  

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