The Adoption Option

My spot for thoughts, feelings, rambles, and updates as we journey through the adoption process. Highlights: Dossier arrived in Thailand ~ Sept 26, 2005; Approved ~ October, 2005; Matched ~ August, 2006; Referral received ~ January 2007; Traveled & Home ~ June, 2007; Finalized!! ~ December, 2007

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Quick update

I've been so busy with my volunteering with RESOLVE that I have not been able to post - but be assured that my down cycle ended a few days after that posting. But the main reason for my update is to announce the wonderful news that my dear friends, Mike & Maria, welcomed their son into their home last Friday. His name is Simon and he's adorable. My friends are so deserving of this and waiting and waded through their journey with grace and determination and it's so wonderful to see them with a child of their own. Simon is truly a gift from above and he's a lucky guy to have such wonderful parents.

I'll update more about other things after this weekend (Ian's first big 'friends' party) and I have a few projects out of the way.