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Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year! :)

Hey everyone - I know I have to post about Jesse's birthday and I will - once the pictures are on my computer and ready for upload. It's been a busy week - but his birthday party was very special and his actual birthday was great. I hope his birthmother was able to celebrate knowing he's so very loved.

I just had to make a post on this very special leap day - and promise to write in more detail soon :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My children

Well, the month is nearly over and I still have a ton of stuff going on. This weekend is Jesse's birthday party so I'm busy trying to get everything in order. Of course right when things are the craziest I end up with a really bad eye infection. Not just a normal kind of pink eye, but one that had my eye nearly swollen shut yesterday. Luckily, I'm on the mend today and by tomorrow should not be contagious anymore :)

I just wanted to post these beautiful pictures of my kids. My sister and her kids were here for a visit this weekend. It was great fun. She took these fabulous pictures. Ian and Nathaniel spent nearly 2 hours playing in the snow when this picture was taken. Mikaela and Jesse did not last as long :)

This picture of Jesse is him with his first birthday present! They brought him his very own "big train" and he loves it!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Today I voted in Super Tuesday - if you're state is part of Super Tuesday I encourage you all to get out there and VOTE!!!!

Today is also the 6th anniversary of when my Bubbie (Grandmother) passed away. I think of her often, not just today. I remember her voice and how she used to say "Hannah Bird!" and shake her head at my mischievous ways. I remember being little and playing in the laundry room while she put in/took out a load (she had this old plastic Barbie type army airplane - it was the strangest most wonderful toy), I remember meeting her in the airport when she came to visit us (and the time I was finally taller than she was), I remember the way she would pick my crab apart because my sorry-midwestern butt was too freaked out, I remember how she sang songs to us when we were going to sleep, I remember her snuggles, and I remember how her room smelled. There are so many memories.....

I wish she could have met my boys, she would have loved them both so much. As much as I sometimes have the urge to move away, I know I never could take Ian and Jesse away from their Bubbie. I'm really glad they will have her close by to create to many happy memories with.

So here are some fun facts about my Bubbie (and her family):
  • Bubbie and her sister (my Aunt Min) married two brothers and lived in one big house for most of their lives - raising their families side by side.
  • Bubbie had 2 children, a set of boy/girl twins (my mom and my Uncle George).
  • Bubbie used to volunteer at a Senior Center (even though she was older than some of the residents) :)
  • A scene from the John Water's movie "Cry Baby" was filmed in Bubbie's house.
  • Bubbie had a sweet tooth and liked Hershey Kisses
I love you and miss you, Bubbie!

Friday, February 01, 2008

The shortest month - with the most going on

I've always been a little partial to February :) I love the mystery of the Leap Year, I love Amethyst (and pretty much all things purple), Ground Hog's Day is a pretty cool holiday, and it's the month of my birthday! This time around we have the added bonus of Jesse's birthday is also in February, making it a little sweeter. :)

So this year, I'm busy busy busy! I'm volunteering at the YMCA working on our Valentine's Day Family Dance, which we hope to make super cool with a raffle, popcorn machine, and DJ. It should be a lot of fun. I'm helping gathering donations, creating flyers, and brainstorming ideas (like for the popcorn machine) :) It's fun to be planning something that people will be excited about attending.

I've also been thinking about Jesse's birthday party for about 4 months now :) I've decided on a red/white/blue decor to honor both his new US citizenship and the colors in the Thai flag. I'm planning a big party with Thai food (and something for those not into Thai food, although how could you not be?), fun goodies, and it's going to be at the YMCA Adventure center - which has a "maze" that's 3 levels high (imagine a McDonald's play area on steroids). A blog-buddy of mine just celebrated her son's birthday, but he hasn't come home yet. Andrea in New Zealand hosted a nice little party to honor her son's 2nd birthday, which I know will mean a lot to him later in life. Last year, I remember going out for Thai food and me probably being very grumby and pouty - NOT THIS YEAR! :) It's a pretty big party for a 2 year old, but thanks to a generous aunt we are able to make Jesse's first real birthday party a big celebration. I know it's going to be so worth it.

So as this month begins, I will be busy with planning, conference calls, education seminars, a Pampered Chef party, Valentine's day celebrations, birthday celebrations, and then finally on leap year this year I will be taking a jewelry making class. Just what I need , another hobby :) But I think I'll like it and be really good at it. We'll see.

I'm suppose to be designing special t-shirts for the boys, using a method I read about on another blog but I just don't know if I'll have the time :( It might have been a little too artsy for me anyway.

Oh - and on this first day of February, Ian experienced his first SNOW DAY! Several area schools were canceled and so was the preschool classes at the Y. I didn't expect that, but I was glad once I looked outside and saw the SEVERAL inches of snow on my car :) Gotta love it!