The Adoption Option

My spot for thoughts, feelings, rambles, and updates as we journey through the adoption process. Highlights: Dossier arrived in Thailand ~ Sept 26, 2005; Approved ~ October, 2005; Matched ~ August, 2006; Referral received ~ January 2007; Traveled & Home ~ June, 2007; Finalized!! ~ December, 2007

Monday, January 05, 2009

Thanks everyone

I'd like to say thank you for everyone who left me such great advice. I'm happy to know there are people still out there to connect with when I need help with things :) Thanks for your continued support/reading of this blog.

I did end up talking with Jesse and Ian about how there is another little boy out there in Thailand who is Jesse's brother. I showed him the pictures of of when he was in Thailand and the ones of his birthmother (which he's seen many times before). Then I showed him the picture of his brother and explained how his birthmother had also had another baby grow inside her. And I went on to explain how there are many different ways to be siblings - the most basic was sharing a parent. He and Ian have the same parents raising them, and they are brothers....his birthmother gave birth to him and this little boy - therefore making them brothers as well. It was a short conversation but I think he understood, as much as he could anyway. At least it's out there now and we can talk about it from now on - he won't be surprised at any point.

I'm excited about the new adoptions moving forward with the Hague Convension - not that I fully understand everything - but I do know it should cut down on the issues people are having with USCIS (US Immegration). Some blogger buddies have been in Thailand for over a month now because USCIS keeps asking for more and more stuff - it's horrible! We've jumped through so many hoops and Thailand has taken such good care of these kids waiting for people to come bring them home - only for our own government to cause such heartache and trouble. I hope my friends make their way home soon and I hope no one else I know will have to go through such troubles. Traveling to Thailand should be a great experience - to meet our children, take in the culture, and become families. Instead it's fulled with heartache and pain for so many families who have traveled recently. Anyway - that's my two cents :)

Happy New Year everyone!