The Adoption Option

My spot for thoughts, feelings, rambles, and updates as we journey through the adoption process. Highlights: Dossier arrived in Thailand ~ Sept 26, 2005; Approved ~ October, 2005; Matched ~ August, 2006; Referral received ~ January 2007; Traveled & Home ~ June, 2007; Finalized!! ~ December, 2007

Friday, January 25, 2008

Nearly all 50 States

So, I don't know much about computers (except how to use them) and all the fancy stuff people do. I've never been part of a chat room or used bulletin boards very much. The closest I've gotten to an online community is this blog and the Thai Adoption List Serv! So when Sam connected me to some program that would track my blog visits I was amazed/impressed that something like this existed. It's pretty cool to see how many visits I get a day and how people find my blog....but the coolest thing is I can see where people are connecting from. Nothing creepy like addresses, but general locations down to the city. The other day I caught Sam checking up on my blog (I often don't even look because I thought I had a pretty good idea of who was reading it) and noticed I have visitors in over half of the United States!!!!! I was so excited to see shades of green in so many different states (this of course does not include my excitement over my overseas readers - many of whom I can guess their identities by location but some are a mystery).

I would love to meet everyone who checks into my blog and find out where you are reading from. If you have a connection to Thai adoption (or any adoption) I'd love to hear about it. Or if you found my site through some other means, please let me know, I'm really interested in meeting more people out there in the world.

So don't be afraid to leave me a comment and say HI :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

For an old friend

Oh Gemma - thanks for commenting!!!!!!! Robin and I have tried to figure out a way to contact you but have failed. I've missed you and your blog - I'm so happy James is home safe and sound. I was worried! And congrats on your papers going to Thailand.

Please consider emailing me privately. I think you can get the info on my profile page.

I'm glad you are back around the blogging block - and hope to hear more from you soon!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Irony and the US Government

Ahhhh - my lovely government never ceases to amaze me. Last week or so, I finally got around to applying for Jesse's social security number. I started figuring out what I needed to take with and in doing so found an interesting catch in the process.

1) I needed to bring the adoption decree with me as proof of his new name - I also needed 2 other forms of ID, one being his green card, and one with his new name (lucky for me he has his own YMCA card).

2) Then I read online (while downloading a form) that according to the Social Security Administration the adoption decree does not give him proof of citizenship - even though as soon as the papers were signed he became a US Citizen.

3) His SS number was issued as a permanent resident able to work and once he received either a passport or his certificate of citizenship we simply present that and his status will be's the irony....

In order to apply for a US passport or a certificate of citizenship all we have to do is present the adoption decree to prove he's already a citizen!!!!!!! The very paper the SSA claims is not a valid source of proof is the ONLY proof needed for a passport or certificate!?!?!?!? Does that make any sense to anyone? Both government agencies - both working under the same laws......all I can do is scratch my head.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. As wonderful as last year was for us, I know this one will be great for several of my blogging-buddies who are anxiously awaiting travel - I'm going to be so jealous if you all get called at the same time and get to meet in Bangkok!!! :)

Here are a few recent pictures:

This is the day we heard about Jesse's finalization. He's wearing his 4th of July shirt that says "All-American 07". We thought it was an appropriate way to celebrate. Ian also wore his 4th of July shirt that day!

This is us getting ready for New Year's Eve. We all have dobbly things on our heads - it was fun. We counted down to 8pm with some friends and then came home before the weather and the drivers got too out of control.