The Adoption Option

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Monday, May 08, 2006

From Ian

This post will be a letter Ian wants to write to his brother. He asked if he could tell him this is what I came up with.

"Dear my brother - i like you a litte. I wearing underwear. I a big boy - maybe you wear underwear, too. I go pee on the potty. Do you have toys? I have toys, like playdough. See you soon at my house, okay. Ian."

So there you go - a letter my son wanted to send to his brother because he wanted to share the fact he now wears pull-ups and underwear. It was so sweet in the car ride home when he asked if he could tell him brother about it. He also asked about his brother's mom and if she was going to bring him to our house. And Ian just this moment wanted me to write and tell his brother's mom that we are missing Ian's playdough mat. I tried to explain that I would be his brother's mom and all that goes along with that but I think that'll be a concept that will be become more clear once we have our child home with us. That's probably way to abstract to tackle at this time. I'm not sure what triggered all the brother talk today - but it's been going pretty steady since after lunch. He called me into his room to show me something and said "I'm going to share this with my brother, okay?"

Well we have some playdough going all over the place at the moment, so I have to go :)